Within its relentless efforts to serve the people in Syria and given the critical role of Protection in all humanitarian interventions that are conducted around the world, the Syrian Expatriate Medical Association started its Protection program that aimed at ensuring the mainstream of the Protection principles in the health centers. Through this program, SEMA works on enhancing the effectiveness and the quality of the provided services and also guarantee that the key Protection principles are applied in terms of dignity, safety and secure accessibility.

SEMA is considered one of the first organizations that adopted the approach of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) mainstreaming within its health facilities, as these facilities have GBV case managers who provide Psychological First Aid (PFA), PSS, and referrals to other available mental health services.

SEMA seeks to increase the access of beneficiaries to mental health services, raise the awareness of mental health and mental disorders and provide PSS and PFA to the beneficiaries.